EDM Farm Implements and Retailer Inventory System


    Inventory System EDMEDM Farm Implements and Retailer Inventory System is an automated system that is used by EDM Farm Implements and Retailer in thier inventory process for managing and locating objects or materials. This system can manage all the records of their product and retrieving it with ease. It is also focus on the stock in and stock out of products and trace how many product left in the company to avoid overstock.


    EDM Farm Implements and Retailer Inventory System was made in Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL Database. For creating the report I used Crystal Reports.


    These are the following features of the System:


    • Transaction (Stock-in ,Stock Return)

    • Stock Master (Register New Product, List,Update Product details)

    • Customer (Add new customer, Update customer details, List of customer)

    • Manage User (Adding, Updating, Listing)

    • Report (Inventory of product,Monthly Inventory,Daily Inventory)

    • Settings (Category, Unit)

    • Login and Logout




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    Download Sourcecode

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