GC Appliance Centrum Corp. Online Ordering System


    gccentrumPI2 applianceThis online ordering system is especially built for GC Appliance Centrum Corp. The company aims to ease and allow customers to view their appliances via their website. This system is flexible and convenient wherein, customers feel free to browse the menu, select their desired item and can place the order anytime and anywhere with just a ‘click’ from their laptop/computer with an internet connection. This system also has tracking features that track the customers’ orders and payments can be through PayPal.

    Online Ordering System

    These are the following features of the system:

    gccentrumPI appliance


    • Dashboard

    • Manage Products

    • Manage Orders

    • Manage Categories

    •  Settings

    • Manage Users

    • Reports

    • Login and Logout


    • Home

    • Contact Us

    • Viewing Products

    • Place Order

    • Customers Profile

    • Add to wishlist

    • Paypal Payments

    • Tracking Order

    • Login and Logout


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    Download Sourcecode

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