04- MySQL Syntax


MySQL Syntax

MySQL “code” can be easily read unlike the hardest programming languages such as C, C# or C++. There are very few special characters and symbols that are required in creating MySQL query. Most of the queries are composed entirely of English words.



 MySQL Strategies

The MySQL language is not as complicated than other programming languages. On the other hand, this tutorial focuses on the combination of MySQL and PHP. Most examples are ready to copy, paste, and run on your web server. Sounds good, right?



MySQL Queries Capitalization

Capitalizing words in MySQL queries are a good programming habit because it stands out from the rest of the code, in that way, the queries are much easier to read.


This is an example of MySQL query that retrieves all the information from the table (“table”)  using PHP.

$result = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM table”)

The line of code that is used is valid in PHP, yet it also have a valid MySQL. SELECT * FROM example , is the MySQL code.


The SELECT and FROM are the MySQL keywords used in this query.  You can also view a complete MySQL keywords in here, but you have nothing to worry about memorizing them because you could program in MySQL for years without using all of these MySQL keywords.




Don’t rush things when learning MySQL, the best way that you have to do is take a lesson at a time. The slower you progress, the more you will be well-informed about the MySQL database system .

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