04- PHP Comments


This tutorial is all about PHP Comments.

One of the best programming practice is using a Comment. A comment is a string code or text within PHP or any programming languages that is not visible during the execution in your web browser. And it provides the feedback to the developers or it temporarily disable the code and the most important thing is that comment serves to give some information about the code.

In PHP, there are two types of Comment. The Single line comment and the Multiple line comment.

PHP comment syntax: Using Single Line Comment
The single line comment only ignores everything to the end of the line or the current block of PHP code. To make a single line comment, you can simply type “//” or “#” and all text right will be disabled by the PHP interpreter.

This is a test sample

PHP comment syntax: Using Multiple line comment
The multiple line comment used to comment large block of code. The multiple line comment in PHP starts with “/*” and ends with “*/”.

This is a test sample


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