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Category: Visual basic Tutorial

24-Sending an Email

In Visual Basic, sending e-mails are allowed in your application. The System.Net.Mail is the namespace that contains classes  that is used for sending e-mails to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server for delivery.   The SmtpClient class allows applications to send e-mail by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).   Take note that in […]

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26-FTP Upload

The FTP servers are used in order to upload and download files. FTPs are commonly used in academic, business and to those who are interested in computer because it allows a lot of people to access a  shared multiple files.   In Visual Basic you can  upload files using FTP servers. Here’s the example on how to upload […]

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25-Emailing Application

  In my previous tutorial, we learn how to send an email. This time, we will learn here how to create a Sending Mail application in Visual basic 2008 .     Here’s the example on how to create a Sending Mail application. Open the Visual Basic, select “File” on the menu, hit new and create […]

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In Visual Basic, Timer is design to control the time and to allow the users manipulate a certain task. For instance, when you create a clock , a stopwatch or any task that tells times, a time control is needed.   Example: Open the Visual Basic, select “File” on the menu, hit new and create a […]

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22-Logical Operators

Logical operators is similar to Boolean expressions that return a boolean result. These And, Or, AndAlso, OrElse, and Xor operators are called binary because they acquire two operands. But  there is one operator that is not binary and it is called unary that takes a single operand, an example of it is the Not operator.   Binary […]

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21-Conditional Operators

What is conditional operators? Conditional Operators  refine the statement you’re testing for. For instance,  you can specify  the statement whether it’s greater than, less than, and a whole lot more.   The following are the list of Operators: > < = <= =>  <>   Example: < View plain text > vb Dim x As […]

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20-Advanced MessageBox

In this section, you will learn here how to display a message in the messagebox and make it more advance by changing the icon and the buttons displayed.   This is the syntax of the advance messagebox: < View plain text > vb if  MessageBox.Show([message],[title], [actions] ,[icon]) = [dialog result]  then   statements..   else […]

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A procedure is a method that perform a task when it’s called.   There are two types of procedures in VB.Net and they are:   Functions – return a value Sub procedures or Subs – do not return a value   What is a Function? The Function statement is composed of  the name, parameter and the body of a […]

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In Visual Basic, a Sub procedure is a series of statements composed by the Sub and End Sub statements. It performs a task that returns control to the calling code, but it does not return any value. it is also used to declare the name, parameter and the body of a sub procedure.   This is the syntax in declaring parameter in […]

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17-Do Until Loop

  In Visual Basic, all loops have a similar purpose that make block of statements to repeat a number of times. The Do Until and the Do While loop is a bit similar to each other. The only difference of the Do Until loop is, it uses a  slightly different syntax.   Take note that if […]

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