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Category: Visual basic Tutorial

34-Splitting Strings

Split is a function that separates Strings. It receives a string or character delimiter that parses and separates the string into parts.   Example: < View plain text > vb Dim textLine As String Dim textArray() As String ‘set a line of text textLine = "UserName1 Password1 UserName2 Password2" ‘pass it to the array and split […]

33- Arrays

What is an Array?  Array is a sequence of objects that has similar type and size. Every object inside an array is defined as the element of an array. It’s either you have an array of strings or characters, integers or any that has defined data type.   The main purpose of an array is to organize identical data together […]

32- Auto Typer

Auto Typers are very common in the web and there are instances that some people charge money for them.   Today, I will teach you how to make an Auto Typer. With this, you can create a customized Auto Typer that you can share  with your friends. This tutorial will cover how to Send Keys.   Let’s begin: Open the […]

31-Web Browser

In this tutorial we will create a simple webbrowser in visual basic. In the toolbox there is a tool called ‘WebBrowser’  that  designed to output web pages.   So let’s get started: Open the Visual Basic, select “File” on the menu, hit new and create a new project. The New Project dialog will appear. Select […]

29- Comments

In Visual Basic, you often encounter the comment symbol (‘) as you read the code. This symbol tells the  compiler to ignore the text following it. Comments are brief explanatory notes added to the code for you to know what the codes tells about. A brief comment that describes the functionality of the method is a good […]

27- FTP Application

In this tutorial, we will learn on how to create FTP Application.   Let’s Begin. Open the Visual Basic, select “File” on the menu, hit new and create a new project. The New Project dialog will appear. Select “windows” in the project types, hit the “windows form application” in the templates and hit “ok“. Design […]

28-ByVal and ByRef

In this section, we will learn how to use ByVal and Byref to Subs and Function arguments.   By Value(ByVal) means that you can set a copy of a variable to your Subroutine and it is a default when you’re passing variables over to a function or Sub.   Let’s see the example below. < View plain text > vb Dim Num1 […]

24-Sending an Email

In Visual Basic, sending e-mails are allowed in your application. The System.Net.Mail is the namespace that contains classes  that is used for sending e-mails to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server for delivery.   The SmtpClient class allows applications to send e-mail by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).   Take note that in […]

26-FTP Upload

The FTP servers are used in order to upload and download files. FTPs are commonly used in academic, business and to those who are interested in computer because it allows a lot of people to access a  shared multiple files.   In Visual Basic you can  upload files using FTP servers. Here’s the example on how to upload […]

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