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ID Automation System

Description:  Making the ID manually is a waste of time and effort. I create this program because this program will be able to help the school in making their I. Ds easily. This program does not need a lot of preparation you only have to fill up the information needed.   Feature: ·         Issue  student […]

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Computer Laboratory Mini Inventory System

Computer Laboratory Mini Inventory System

Making an inventory manually is a tedious task and takes a lot of time. As a working student, we are required to make an inventory base on the area where we are assigned every last month of the semester or 2 weeks before the semester ends. So I decided to make a computer laboratory mini […]

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Land Transportation Office Registration System


This mini system is called Land Transportation Office Registration System and it is created using Visual Basic.Net. This System can create and register a new  Driver’s License. Using this system, the Drivers License ID will be printed easily without any hassle to the LTO staff. Features You can create a Signature New Transaction can change […]

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Bicycle Parts Shop System


This bicycle parts shop system has a simple cashiering system that can really the cashier in the transaction. It allows the customer not to roam in the shop anymore. It has a virtual cart that serves as the list of items that the customer ordered.   Features: o   Administrator key o   Calculate orders o   Print […]

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Pablo Auto and Motorcycle Parts Sales And Inventory System

If you are looking for a sales and inventory system, well you are at the right place. This is entitled Pablo Auto and Motorcycle Parts Sales and Inventory System, where all motor parts and accessory can be checked smoothly and easily by using a barcode scanner. This will save you a lot of time during […]

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NSCA Multipurpose Cooperative Point of Sales System

NSCA Multi-Purpose Cooperative Point of Sale System  provides a retail transaction  wherein a customer makes a payment to the cashier in exchange for goods with printed reciept. This system tracks the invetory of products to control the in and out of products. As a result, this is a great help to avoid shortage and exceeding of products. This system […]

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GC Appliance Centrum Corp. Online Ordering System

Online Ordering System

This online ordering system is especially built for GC Appliance Centrum Corp. The company aims to ease and allow customers to view their appliances via their website. This system is flexible and convenient wherein, customers feel free to browse the menu, select their desired item and can place the order anytime and anywhere with just […]

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Fast Food Cashiering System

Just like in any fast food chains automated cashiering, this cashiering system also displays orders on screen that are available in the kitchen. It’s a user friendly, fast and efficient. It execute multiple orders and it automaticalty compute the total amount of the customer’s order. It also provide printed reciept.   These are the following features of […]

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Pool of Bethesda Online Reservation System

Online Reservation System

The pool of Bethesda Online reservation System is a very convenient and easy to use the system. It’s a fancy way that you can now do bookings online. This system has a smooth process of booking of rooms that only takes a minute. It also has a responsive design that puts business owners’ one step […]

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Lorenzo D. Zayco Distric Hospital Records and Management System

Lorenzo D. Zayco Distric Hospital Records and Management System aims to minimize the work load of every staff or employees and replace the existing manual paper based system. This system better control and manage the detailed record of every patient who will be admitted in the hospital. With this, it keep track of all the […]

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