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Category: PHP Tutorial

23 – PHP Switch

Last time, in my previous lesson we have learned about the If statement in PHP. But, when checking for certain conditions there are times that an if statement is not the most effective way.   For instance, there is a variable that contains  OOTD (Outfit of the day) for summer vacation and you want to prepare […]

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22 – PHP elseif Statement

To check for one condition, if/else statement is a powerful tool to use. However, if you check the variable $emp_name for the name of the employee which is Craig the President, Kenjie the CEO or a Manager of the company, will need an elseif statement to check 3 or more conditions.   What is elseif in php? An elseif […]

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21 – PHP if/else Statement

In my previous lesson, I have tackled the if statement which is important in PHP when used properly and it executes some code if one condition is true.   This time, let’s tackle about the PHP if/else statement, obviously as its name suggests, it is a combination of if and else. However, The if/else statement […]

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20 – PHP If Statement

The if statement is a powerful tool when used properly and it is also necessary for most programming languages because it serves as a conditional operator of your statement. The if statement has different syntax in other programming languages while there are some languages that has the same syntax just like C#, PHP, C++, Java, etc..   […]

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19 – PHP Require

Require command is used to include a file into your PHP code. You will notice that it’s a bit the same with my previous lesson which is the Include command. But they are not alike, there is a big difference between require and include commands.   Require command vs include command   An error message […]

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18 – PHP Include

Even though you don’t have enough much understanding about the details of PHP, you have nothing to worry about because you can save yourself with the use of PHP include command.   Include command is used to get the file name and insert that file into the script that provide an include command. This method has the […]

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00- PHP Introduction

The main purpose of this PHP tutorial, is to help novice programmer to learn and understand how to make an application program using PHP language. Topics in this section is only designed for beginers so don’t expect too much from this. Don’t worry I have prepared to create a tutorial for advance programmer.   Learning […]

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15 – PHP File Handling: Moving the File Pointer

If you have remembered in one of our lesson the writing of the file, we talked about the idea of the file pointer or its like a cursor in a word processor. So in file handling we have the ability to move the pointer around the file to write in different places within the file. […]

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10 – PHP File Handling: Examining File Details

In this tutrial, I’m going to show how to get information about the file details. To start in this lesson lets create a new PHP file called “file_detail.php”. And add the following code: < View plain text > php <?php $testfile = ‘hello.txt’; echo filesize($testfile); // this will echo in byte //this next line are […]

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13 – PHP File Handling: Delete File

In our previous tutorial, we have seen how to write the file and read the file, and we also know how to open a file in an assortment of different ways. At this time we’re going to focus on how to destroy (delete) files. Deleting is too simple but we need to keep two things […]

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