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Category: Microsoft Access

How to create a Quick Search using and MS Access

When you are about to create any application you always ask yourself “what are the basic features your going to include in your system?”.Well the most common features that are always included in the system is that the user can Search a record or a list of records from the database using the system. For […]

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Student Grading System

Student Grading System

This Student Grading System is a simple application that enables the user to add the new student, Update and Delete student basic info. The system also allows the user to compute grades for Attendance, Written Quiz, Practical Quiz, Project, and Exam. As well as the Total grade of a student is computed and it is interpreted through […]

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Simple Computer Aided Instruction System Using Visual Basic.Net

Computer Aided Instruction System

This Computer Aided Instruction System(CAIs) Level 1 includes the use of computers to teach academic skills and to promote communication and language development skills.       The features of this Computer Aided Instruction System: It has an admin side that enables the user to customize the text headings of the main form, Description, Test […]

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Automated Class Record System

This is a simple system designed for teachers/Instructors who find difficult Creating a Class records, Monitoring student performance, this project also can answer the problem in terms of delay during the submission of grades as teacher’s compliance and for CHED’s Monitoring. Software Used: Visual Basic 2008 Microsoft Access Features of the said system: Organization of […]

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Hinigaran PEPSI Bottle Inventory System Using VB.Net and MS Access

Bottle Inventory System

Bottle Inventory System This is a thesis project entitled Hinigaran PEPSI Bottle Inventory System for an Information Technology Students. The system is created using Visual Studio 2008, MS Access and Crystal reports. The system has a User login/logout, Data Entry for new acquired Items, fast monitoring, and updating of records, able to generate reports by […]

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