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Category: Employees Information System

17-Generating Reports (part 3)

This is the continuation of my tutorial. This time I will show you how to put a Crystal Report in a Windows Form and retrieving the records from the database.   Let’s begin:     First, open the file of Employee’s Information in Visual Studio 2008. Add a new Windows Form Application. And hit add. […]

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16-Generating Reports (part 2)

In my previous tutorial which is 15-Generating Reports (part 1) I set up the ODBC data source for the Student Registration database. Now, I will create a report of a student in the Crystal Report using Visual Studio 2008.   First, open your Visual Studio 2008, open the file of the 15-Generating Reports (part 1). […]

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15-Generating Reports (part 1)

In my previous tutorial, I created  14-Removing User/s. Today, I will teach you how to generate a report using a Crystal Report in the Visual Studio 2008 and MySQL Database. First, you have to set up your data source and the drivers in ODBC data source. Now, open your ODBC data source that can be […]

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14-Removing User/s

Today, I’m going to teach you on how to remove the data in MySQL Database. Deleting or removing records is not required in a system but if you are a programmer you have to create this method when developing a system because you have to undergo in many testing and data entry into a database. […]

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13-Updating Users

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to update the records in the MySQL Database. With, this you can update the user’s information in the database and I’m going to use the same process just like what i did on 07-Updating Employees.     Let’s Begin:     Open the file of “EmployeesInformationSystem” that […]

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12-Searching User/s

In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to search the data in the MySQL Database. With this, you can search the user’s records that you have saved in the database. I used a TextBox with a ComboBox for choosing the category in searching the user’s records.     Let’s begin:     Open […]

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11-Retrieving User

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to retrieve the user’s records in the MySQL Database. with this, the records will be displayed in the DataGridView and I’m going to change some of the properties in the DataGridView to make it suitable.     Let’s begin:     Open the file of “EmployeesInformationSystem” and […]

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10-Register New User

In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to register a new user in the User’s Registration Form. with this, you can add the users with there different types.     So let’s begin:     Open the file of “EmployeesInformationSystem” that you had created and go to the “ManageUserForm“. After that, double click […]

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09-Creating Manage User Form

After finishing the last topic for creating the Employee’s Registration Form. Now, we’re going to focus in creating a Manage User’s Form. This time, I’m going to add a new Form for the registration of the user.   Let’s begin:     Open the file of “EmployeesInformationSystem” and add a new Form. In adding a […]

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08-Removing Employees

Today, I’m going to teach how to remove the Employee’s Information in the MySQL Database. With this you can remove the Information of the Employee and I’m going to add another function for clearing the fields after you add or update the Employee’s Information. Let’s begin: Open the file “EmployeesInformationSystem” that you had created. Drag […]

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