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Category: C#

Updating Data in C# and SQL Server

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to update data in the database in C#.Net and SQL Server Manangement Studio Express. With this, you can update data in the database that’s in the DataGridView.   Let’s begin:   Create a database and name it “userdb”. Then, insert data depending on your desire. Open Microsoft Visual […]

How to Connect SQL Server to C#

  This time, I will teach you how to connect SQL Server 2005 to C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. With this, you can create a connection between and SQL Server 2005 database.   Let’s begin:   First, open Visual Studio 2008 and create a new project.   The window of “New Project” will appear. […]


C#  is a bit the same with Java depending on the syntax that derives from C and C++. C#  program is in need of powerful structure when it comes to its object-oriented nature in terms of classes. Wherein, the statement needs to be exact.   A statement is a basic implementation of C# program. This statement can be declared as variable, […]


In this section, you will learn more about C#, most especially for beginners or for starters to help them understand the basic of C# programming. It  contains a summary of the basics of the language and will take you through important language features. Each tutorials have simple and easy steps that beginners could easily follow.   What is C#? […]

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