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SQL WHERE clause is an optional clause used to define what records are to be included in the query. We use conditional operators like <, >, =, >=, <=, !=(<>) , BETWEEN a AND b, IN(list) etc.




  1. SELECT <field>,<field>
  2. FROM <table_name>
  3. WHERE <field> <operator> <value>;


For example we have a table Employee:


Employee_id First_name Last_name sex
123 Mack Johnson male
124 Jack Obama male
125 Queen Khan female


Now, if we want to select the first name and employee_id of only the ones who are males:


  1. SELECT Employee_id, First_name
  2. FROM Employee
  3. WHERE sex = ‘male’;


This will give the following result:


Employee_id First_name
123 Mack
124 Jack


For strings , we always enclose them in single quotes.


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