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SQL ALTER Table Statement

Using ALTER Table Statement, we were able to Add, Delete or Modify Columns in an existing table.


Syntax to add a column:

  1. ALTER TABLE<Table-Name>
  2. ADD <Field Name> <Type> (width);


Syntax to drop a column :

  1. ALTER TABLE <Table-Name>
  2. DROP COLUMN <Field Name> <Type> (width);



  1. CREATE TABLE Employee
  2.  (
  3.   Employee_id int,
  4.   Name varchar(20),
  5.   Address varchar(50)
  6. );




Employee_id Name Address



Now, suppose you want to add a column for designation. You can do so in the following way.

  1. ALTER TABLE Employee
  2. (
  3.   ADD Designation varchar(10)
  4. );


Employee_id Name Address Designation



Now if you want to delete the address column, you can do this in the following way.

  1. ALTER TABLE Employee
  2. (
  3. DROP COLUMN Address
  4. );


The final table will look like

Employee_id Name Designation




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