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15-HTML Colors

HTML coloring systems are composed of numeric and hexadecimal values. Here are 16 generic color values that you can use in setting a background of your HTML document.


Example of string codes:


Black Gray Silver White
Yellow Lime Aqua Fuchsia
Red Green Blue Purple
Maroon Olive Navy Teal


Example of numeric [rgb] values


rgb(255,0,0) Red
rgb(0,255,0) Green
rgb(0,0,255) Blue
rgb(0,0,0) Black
rgb(255,255,255) White
rgb(120,120,120) Grey
rgb(240,40,120) Pink

At first, the hexadecimal system is complex and difficult to understand. Hexadecimal  system  are safe, more reliable  and widely compatible to all web browsers.


Hexadecimal consists of 6-digit numeric representation of a color and it contains three different components such as red, green, and blue. Red value represents the first two digits (00) , Green value represents the next two (44)  and the blue value represents last (88). These three values are mixed to form the final color shade.



([firstdigit]* 16) + ([seconddigit]) = primary color value


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