11-HTML List


This tutorial is all about HTML List.
In web browsers HTML lists appear as bulleted lines of text. HTML lists has 3 different types:  unordered lists (bullets), ordered lists (numbers), and definition lists (think: dictionaries).


This list tags such  as <ul> are the container elements for the list items <li>. These list tags are working behind the scenes to recognize the beginning and ending of an HTML list element.

Example of unordered list  tag <ul>




  • itsourcecode
  • snappytrends
  • snappymindz
  • snappyinfos

Example of unordered list  tag <ul> with different type of bullet:

<ul type="square">
<ul type="disc">
<ul type="circle">

An ordered list tag is stated using the <ol> tag, and the items are listed with numbers instead of bullets.

Example ordered list tags:

<ol>Mix Name

Another example of  ordered list tags  that has a letter and Roman Numerals using the type attribute.

<ol type="A">
<ol type="a">
<ol type="I">
<ol type="i">


HTML definition lists <dl> have a unique array of tags and elements and the results of these listings are similar  in a dictionary.

  • <dl> – start of the list
  • <dt> – definition term
  • <dd> –  list item


    <dd>a group of people attending.</dd>
    <dd>a device containing gunpowder.</dd>



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