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08-HTML Font

In the HTML text element, the tag itself has no real functionality, however with the help of  the attributes, you can use this tag in changing the style, color and size of a text in the web page.  The color, size, and face attributes provide the user to create dynamic font styles for an HTML element but it can be used individually.


Take note that the <font> and <basefont /> tags should not be used for publishing your work. Instead, use CSS styles to manipulate your font. For more information, see our CSS Tutorial .


Example of Font size:

<font size="5">Here is a size 5 font</font>


Here is a size 5 font

Example of Font color:

<font color="#0000FF">This text is hex color #0000FF</font>
<br />
<font color="blue">This text is blue</font>

This text is hex color #0000FF

This text is blue
Example of Font face:

<p><font size="9" face="Georgia, Arial" color="Blue">IT</font>
 We Exist to Provide Best Quality and 100% Free Source Code and Tutorials.</p>

We Exist to Provide Best Quality and 100% Free Source Code and Tutorials.

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