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05-HTML Formatting

When you start putting more text elements onto your website, you may then realized that you want to incorporate bold or italic properties in the text elements. Formatting elements such as <b> is only used to  bold or italicize one or two words at a time.




<p>Example of <b>Bold</b></p>.

<p>Example of <em>Emphasized</em></p>.

<p>Example of <strong>Strong</strong></p>.

<p>Example of <i>Italic</i></p>.

<p>Example of <sup>superscripted</sup></p>.

<p>Example of <sub>subscripted</sub></p>.

<p>Example of <del>struckthrough</del></p>.

<p>Example of <code>Computer Code</code></p>.



An example of Bold
An example of Emphasized
An example of Strong
An example of Italic
An example of superscripted
An example of subscripted
An example of struckthrough
An example of Computer Code

Example of a line break:

Kabankalan City, Philippines<br/>

A line break ends the line and resumes on the next line of the paragraph , just like pressing Enter on the keyboard or Return on the keypad of a phone. Therefore, a line break set an empty space at the start of a paragraph element and  at the end of a paragraph element.

Another Example:

<p>Sincerely,<br />
<br />
<br />
Kevin Sanders<br />
Vice President</p>



Kevin Sanders
Vice President
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