03-HTML Tags


This tutorial is all about HTML Tags.
An HTML document is read by a web browser from left to right, top to bottom. Every time the browser recognize a tag, the tag is provided accordingly. Title tags provide title, paragraph tags provide paragraph text and many more. When you add tags to an HTML document, you are not just coding HTML, but also giving signal to display the given tags in the browser.


Can you still remember the three major parts of HTML Elements? The opening tag, the content and the closing tag. In addition, forms, lists, tables and links are included in the infinite combinations of HTML tags/elements.




<p>a paragraph text.....</p>


Take note that tags must be written in lowercase letters.


There are also some elements that do not need a closing tag.However, they still have an opening, a content and a closing but they are combined into one tag. The reason behind it, is that these tags don’t need any content to be put within them, but there are time that it require attributes like a source URLs for images.




<img src="url of the image" alt="" />



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