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02-HTML Elements

When you open a website, you will see in front of  you are the items such as the paragraph texts, the page banners, and the navigation links, these are all elements of the web page.


Element is a name that is given to any piece of a web page. You can see many HTML elements that is working  quietly behind the scenes that are invisible to visitors  to provide web crawlers and search engines useful information about the site.


An HTML element is contain of three essential pieces and they are: an opening tag, the content, and a closing tag.

<p> - opening tag

Element Content - "This is the content...."

</p> - closing tag


<html></html> – this serves as the role of book cover and it holds each web element nicely in position.

<head></head>- the heading of the web page

<title></title> - the title of the web page

<body></body> - the body of the web page



<title>My first Web Page!</title>
<p>this is the content...</p>
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